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I Married A Swingers Club Owner

I had to come to terms with what I thought was "proper behavior."   What does a traditionally raised Midwest girl have in common with a swinger? More than you would think... a lot more. My introduction to the swinging lifestyle began several years ago after my second divorce. I was slowly coming to terms with being single after decades of marr...
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I Went Inside The Secret World Of Suburban Swingers

I wanted to find out what it is about swinging that keeps happily married women in the lifestyle. "I kissed a girl and I liked it..". so go the lyrics of Katy Perry's classic song. And apparently, she's not the only one. Some married women like it, too — a lot. It's what piqued their interest in "the lifestyle" and locked them in for life. The same...
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A Formal Introduction to International Fetish Day

By:  Katy Thorn   January 18, 2019   Picture this – it's the middle of winter, and while you've got no shortage of ideas when it comes to keeping things in the bedroom hot while the weather is cold, you have a specific appetite that can't be satisfied by cuddles or shared showers… Well pull out your latex and grab your most GGG (good...
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Cultivating Compersion: The Magic of Feeling Joy for Others

​ A poly-amorous trait useful for anyone who struggles with jealousy. ​ By: Elisabeth A. Sheff Ph.D., CASA, CSE The Polyamorists Next Door   Oct 07, 2018 People in polyamorous relationships seek out the kinds of situations that tend to make people jealous. For most people, the thought of watching their beloved flirting, snuggling, smoochi...
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Being in Love with Falling in Love: A Story of Compersion

​ What's the opposite of jealousy? Compersion. By:  Kenna Cook   Apr 24, 2017 Last month, I introduced long-term girlfriend to my part-time friends with benefits. I hoped that we would all connect (as I'd been planning a hook up to celebrate my friend's 30th birthday) but I didn't expect them to hit it off as good as they did. I could tel...
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What's it like on a Lifestyle Liveaboard Vacation?

What's it like on a Lifestyle Liveaboard Vacation? What do you get when you combine 20 open minded adults, 10 fun loving crew members, a 100 foot dive boat, a handful of pool noodles, then add in ocean waves, warm sun and an incredible reef? Our Lifestyle Liveaboard is what you get!  We just returned from our dive boat take over and let me tel...
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13 People Reveal What It's Really Like To Be A Swinger

What's it like being a swinger? How do they handle other people sleeping with their significant other? Do they feel turned on, insecure or downright jealous? We turned to Reddit to look for these answers and what we found was an entire community of swingers, all of whom were more than happy to disclose the many secrets of their lifestyle. Here, we ...
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Swinging for a Healthy Relationship

If you have a healthy relationship, swinging can provide numerous benefits when approached properly. It's a consciously adopted lifestyle that requires education, communication, patience , and understanding – qualities required for any successful relationship. Swinging is not for everyone, but for some couples , it's a welcome addition that spices ...
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The 13 Most Irritating Things About Cruise Ships BUT are the best thing about Lifestyle Cruises

Undoubtedly, heading out on a cruise is one of the best ways in which to enjoy a vacation. However, one would be lying to his or herself if they were to say that cruising is without its annoyances. Like it or not, there are just some things about heading out on a cruise ship that can get under the skin of even the most veteran of cruisers. If you'v...
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Isn't Swinging Just Cheating?

Some say money is the root of all evil; I say it's infidelity. Cheating on your significant other is the worst thing you can do to them in my book. It's dishonest, sneaky, disloyal, and just plain selfish. If you are a frequent reader of my writing, you may be asking right now, " Wait a second, don't you swing?" Yes, I am in the swinging lifestyle,...
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When swingers are not on the same page

  When swingers are not on the same page, it could be a recipe for disaster. At some point in time, every swinger couple is new to the lifestyle. What happens when one of the couple is ready to go and the other is only ready to test the waters? Communication is always the most important way to ensure success not only in the lifestyle but in an...
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