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Temptation Resort Theme Nights

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Temptation Resorts Signature Theme Nights

The Heat Rises when the Sun goes Down at Bash

Temptations Bash is a high-energy, provacative experience you need to experience to believe. 

Bash is known as the heartbeat of Temptation Resort. See and be seen as youdress up, dance and indulge in one of the nightly themes. Let out your inner superhero or indulge in a high shool fantasy. Are you an angel or a devil when the moon comes out or do you want to show off your sexiest lingerie? Whatever you desire, be it sexy, fun, flirty or daring Temptation has a different theme night for you.

Please note: All theme nights are subject to change without previous notice.


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Sunday - Bedtime Bash Theme Night


Bedtime Bash Theme Night | Sunday

Did you know that pajamas tell a lot about the person who is wearing them? Tonight, you will be the judge of that! A night when getting shut eye is the last thing on your mind. Express the true you at Temptation’s adult Party in Pajamas… Dress Code: Fun Pajamas

Monday - Superheroes Theme Night

As we were growing up we all fantasized about being able to shoot webs from our wrists, climb the wall effortlessly, or even turn into the incredible hulk… It’s time to stop fantasizing and live the ultimate superhero experience, as you discover what superpower you have locked inside. Tonight, bring out the sexy superhero in you! Dress Code: Your Favorite Superhero

Tuesday - Heaven & Hell Theme Night

resort heaven hell

Heaven and Hell Theme Night | Tuesday

At Temptation, everyone has the ultimate choice to make. Picture yourself standing before the pearly gates… Which will you choose? To enter the clouds of heaven or pass through the gates of hell? Your choice of dress will tell… Dress Code: Angels & Devils

Wednesday - Lingerie Lounge Theme


Lingerie Lounge Theme Night | Wednesday

Adding lingerie to any party can transform any good party, into an extraordinary party, one that will go down in the history books forever type of party. The perfect event to mix & mingle and meet new people. So, go ahead and give everyone something to talk about! Dress Code: Sexy, Classy Lingerie

Thursday - TBT Theme Night


TBT Theme Night | Thursday

Because everyone loves a blast from the past, don’t miss #TBT at Temptation! Turn back the hands of time, and dance through the decades, as this evening promises to be “totally rad”. What decade will you be rocking? Dress Codes: Clothing from your Favorite Decade

Saturday - Let It Glow Theme

let it glow

Let It Glow Theme Night | Saturday

Tonight, Temptation will let it all glow, under the neon lights. Feel the adrenaline rush as you get lost in the music and lights, as you dance all night. An evening where everyone and everything glows in the dark. Dress Code: White & Neon Colors

Friday - Imperial White Night

imperial white

Imperial White Night | Friday

White, the icon of elegance, is like a blank canvas open to the creation of anything the mind can conceive. Our Imperial White Night will submerge you in a dream world of elegance and seduction. Be prepared for an aural & visual feast of Caribbean glam by the sea… Dress Code: Trendy White

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