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Bliss Cruise Program Guide - Navigator of the Seas Nov 8th - 15th, 2019

Program Guide -  7-night clothing-optional adventure will be couples only and departs from the Port of Miami with stops in Tortola and ​  St. Thomas  Welcome on board Bliss Cruise charter # 7. Can you believe it? Bliss is the largest adult party at sea. The absolute, hands down best part is meeting the wonderful couples who shar...
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What really happens inside an Atlanta swingers club?

  "Uh, how often do you change the sheets?" my boyfriend asked the proprietor, gesturing to a dish-sized puddle atop a bed on the second floor of a bar that hosts swingers events, which cater to couples interested in swapping partners. "Sheets? We don't have sheets!" he responded. He pointed to a can of Lysol and a roll of paper towels perched...
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Thomas Middleditch Says Swinging Saved His Marriage

The "Silicon Valley" star tells "Playboy" all about his open sex life with wife Mollie Gates. Would this work for everyone? Watch!
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  Swinging is still a controversial phenomenon which most monogamous couples still see with scepticism. If my relationship is going in the right direction, if my marriage is based on love, understanding and sexual chemistry, why would there be a need to look elsewhere? What is this perverted idea to have a new sexual partner and maybe even wor...
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Top US Psychology Group Pushes Polyamory, Sex with NO Boundaries

The American Psychological Association has created a task force on what it calls "consensual non-monogamy".    In the 1960s, the popular saying was, "If it feels good, do it." Now the American Psychological Association has created a task force on what it calls "Consensual Non-Monogamy" to encourage people to do just that. And do it with n...
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This Is What It's Really Like to Vacation at a Nude Resort

 June 26, 2019 by RACHEL KRANTZ I've been extremely lucky to have many travel adventures, but few have impacted my life more than my trips being naked in front of total strangers (yes, I'm aware of how strange that sounds). I've vacationed at nude resorts three times now, which means there's very little I feel self-conscious about these days. ...
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Woman Has Sex With 18 Men in One Night As Husband Watched, Sydney Resident Confesses It ‘Helped’ Their Marriage

LIFESTYLE Team Latestly Jun 25, 2019 02:38 PM IST In what might seem a legit reason for a man and woman to get divorced, has, in turn, worked wonderfully for a couple. A wife slept with 18 men in one night while her husband watched their sexual activity! Carol Louise, a resident of Western Sydney is happily married and has two children. She is a pa...
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Getting 'Naughty in N'Awlins': Inside a New Orleans Swingers Convention

By  RYAN OWENS, BRANDON BAUR AND LAUREN EFFRON  Sep 25, 2014, 5:40 PM ET Book 2019 Naughty in Nawlins These Couples Say Swinging Makes Their Marriage Stronger As the saying goes in New Orleans, let the good times roll. And at no time is that mantra on display more than during the Naughty in N'Awlins, an annual swingers convention. Roughly...
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The 7 Must-Know Rules Of Swinging

  When you think of swinging, the first thing that comes to your mind is a bunch of old people wearing robes at an adults-only resort, drinking and messing around. Though we've been led to believe that, in reality, it's not true. Real swingers not only come in all different shapes, sizes, and age groups, but their get-togethers are highly orga...
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I Attend A Sex Party In NYC Every Month. Here's What Happens There.

"Hello. I'm a polyamorous, bisexual woman who enjoys swinger parties." This isn't the first thing I'll tell you if we meet, but depending on the circumstances that brought us together, and the kind of person you are, it may arise at some point. Spencer Jones applied to a swingers collective to find new ways to participate in the scene. PHOTO BY MIC...
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Long-married couple wonders if being 'swingers' is for them

DEAR ABBY: My wife and I have been married for years. We married young, and I'm the only man she has been with. Although we seem to have a good sex life, she's now saying she wants more. She wants to experiment and is suggesting we try a "swinging" lifestyle — a threesome or foursome — swapping partners. I think she wants to experience a stronger, ...
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What's it like on a Lifestyle Liveaboard Vacation?

What's it like on a Lifestyle Liveaboard Vacation? What do you get when you combine 20 open minded adults, 10 fun loving crew members, a 100 foot dive boat, a handful of pool noodles, then add in ocean waves, warm sun and an incredible reef? Our Lifestyle Liveaboard is what you get!  We just returned from our dive boat take over and let me tel...
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