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The Future of Lifestyle Has Arrived - BaBlahBlahdr brock1

Are you tired of Facebook jail time and managing multiple accounts because of your freedom of expression?  You are not alone.   This is just ONE of the reasons why World Exotic Travel is excited to announce a new partnership with BaBlahBlah – The Connection Hub.

BaBlahBlah is its own social entity, where skin is not a sin.  If you show a nip slip, you get thanked, not spanked.  If you do more, you get applause, and this is just one benefit for you.  In addition to this freedom, you can truly connect and chat with people going on the exact trip you are on beforehand, and your posts won’t get lost amongst the many other posts for other trips.  These are dedicated. You also will not be subjected to the machine-gun pings of a group chat.

Concerned about privacy?  Only members in our closed WET group on BaBlahBlah can see that you are a member.  People outside our group can see that the group exists, and that is it.  The owners of BaBlahBlah take privacy very seriously.  Very seriously.

BaBlahBlah is the Connection Hub WET will be using during your trips as well.  If a change happens, such as an event being moved last-minute to a new location, you will get a push notification on your phone even if you are not actively on the site.  No other social media site has this capability.  You will not receive this type of notification from Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Soon, all of WET’s trips will be on BaBlahBlah so you can get THE MOST out of all your upcoming trips.

The best way to join is to go to https://bablahblah.com/getwetinvite   Use this link to join the site as it gets you DIRECTLY into our WET group.  If you come in through the “front door” for the site, you will miss out on some fun automatic settings.  Once signed up you will be presented with links to download the mobile apps. 

Dr. Suzanne Brock aka Dr. Seuzz will be your first friend.  She is the CEO and married to Bill Brock, the lead developer.  Feel free to say hi and ask any questions.  THIS is the wave of the future for lifestyle.

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