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Desire! Everything you want to know before you go!

5 Star Review by  jenluvs2travel  of  New York 2010 Trip Advisor Before going to Desire, we read and re-read the reviews to make sure we were making the right decision. I was so thankful for all the reviews/posts so I might know what to expect. For this reason, my review is long but includes all you will ever need to know. 1 Room. 2 ...
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What's it like on a Lifestyle Liveaboard Vacation?

What's it like on a Lifestyle Liveaboard Vacation? What do you get when you combine 20 open minded adults, 10 fun loving crew members, a 100 foot dive boat, a handful of pool noodles, then add in ocean waves, warm sun and an incredible reef? Our Lifestyle Liveaboard is what you get!  We just returned from our dive boat take over and let me tel...
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Have Sex Toys, Will Travel: How to Take Them On Your Next Trip

Traveling with sex toys? Take precautions to avoid an embarrassing airport scene. You may lock your luggage when you travel, but rest assured that what's in there isn't entirely private. Just ask Jill Filopovic , a blogger at Feministe. In 2011, she took a flight and packed her vibrator in a checked bag - only to open it and find a note from a TSA ...
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Travel Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Life

  Travel Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Life Traveling is meant to be fun and relaxing. However, it can leave your beauty regimen high and dry with the inconsistency that comes with it. Your morning and evening routine often become abandoned while you are jet-setting, which can be detrimental to your hair and skin. When you're short on space...
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