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Temptation Resort Groups & Special Events

More People! More Fun! Less Money!

Why book with a Group? Traveling with our groups saves you money while you are with adults and couples like you.

Interested in traveling with friends or other like-minded people? Join World Exotic Travel to Temptation Resort. Groups are hosted by our incredable Host Couples sponsored by World Exotic Travel or one of our partner travel Agencies.  Special Events are sponsored by the resort or other agencies. Whatever you are looking for in group travel, we can help you choose the group that's right for you... and save you money at the "Playground for Grown-Ups."

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Ready for some GOOD news?

2021 Temptation Cruise

Temptation is making the following update to deposits for all NEW bookings as of March 20th, 2020 so that we can offer clients security of the current price today and start to look forward to when the situation passes, you will have a great cruise waiting for you! 

100% Refundable until June 30th, 2020 for all NEW bookings

Staterooms $300 deposit per cabin

Suite $700 deposit per cabin

Learn more here