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Desire Pearl Nightly Entertainment at Obsession Night Club

Sensually- Adventurous, adult-oriented activities and entertaiment

Nightly Themes, Contests and Games combining playfull and erotic

The Desire Pearl entertainment program brings you every way to let your fantasies come to life. Dress to impress in Red, costume up for a couples costume contest or slip into something more comfortable with sexy lingerie. This clothing optional resort will stimulate your senses with Champagene Showers, Fashion Shows and performances of pole dancing or water drums. Entice yourself and live out your dreams in a breakout area or join the playroom.

All nightly themes are subject to change without notice.


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nt pearl monday mask



Experience an enchanted evening full of sexual energy during our Mysterious Masquerade affair. You will be led on a magical, sinfully sweet journey of discovery and mystery that will take you and your couple beyond seduction. Not knowing who’s behind the mask makes the suspense more intense. Dress Code: Women: Masks & Lingerie Men: Masks & Cloaks


pearl tuesday masters



There is something inside us all that calls us on some deep level, that we humans do not understand. Surrender to your partner in a way that you have always desired, as you journey into a dark, erotic place, a place you never knew existed. Discover your fantasies together, with a blinding, blazing passion. Dress Code: Latex & Leather


nt pearl wednesday desireland



A recreation of the perfect Cabaret atmosphere with an erotic touch. Ladies, sex up your favorite corset, get out your finest fishnets, and put on those sexy high heels, as it’s time to tease. Enjoy and evening full of sensuality and eroticism, as we bring Burlesque back to life. Dress Code: Corsets, Pasties, Little Dress, Burlesque


pearl thursday latin 1

Thursday - Latin Night


If you’ve ever witnessed an authentic Latin “fiesta”, then you know that the Latin community truly knows how to party, in every sense of the word. Surrounded by your partner and an extended mix of friends & acquaintances, prepare yourselves for an evening full of flavor, sensuality and long, slow seduction. Dress Code: Tropical, Fedoras, Flowered Shirts


pearl friday glow

Friday - Little Red Dress Party


Tonight, Desire will let it all glow under the neon lights. Submerge yourselves in a dream world of erotic pleasure, by creating a sensual look using bright white or naughty neon, that reflects your inner glow, on the outside. It’s always playtime in our colorful kingdom. Dress Code: Anything That Glows


nt pearl sunday gods 2



Love and lust are basic human emotions, a sort of animal instinct, which has long been reflected through ancient mythology. Throughout the ages, writings depict numerous Gods & Goddesses to be associated with sex, love, lust, and sexuality. An evening of couples’ chemistry and elusive electricity. Dress Code: Mythological Gods & Goddesses


nt pearl saturday red



Tonight, Desire is all about celebrities & socialites as you discover what it feels like to walk the Red Carpet. It’s your moment, enjoy as you strut your stuff, dressed to impress, a different type of viewing party if you know what we mean. So, get out there and sip, schmooze, shimmer & shine. Dress Code: Famous Movie Couples

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