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Celebrating 45 Years of the WKRP Turkey Drop: A Look Back at the Most Unusual Thanksgiving Tradition

November 22, 2023 - Today marks the 45th anniversary of the most unusual Thanksgiving tradition ever broadcasted: the WKRP Turkey Drop. This event, which first aired on November 20, 1978, in an episode of the television sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati," continues to captivate audiences with its humorous and absurd depiction of a Thanksgiving promotion gone awry.

The Event That Never Was

The Turkey Drop episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati" became an instant classic, known for its comedic portrayal of a radio station's ill-fated Thanksgiving promotion. In the episode, the radio station WKRP attempts to give away live turkeys by dropping them from a helicopter over a shopping mall. The turkeys, unfortunately, were not able to fly, leading to comedic chaos and the memorable line from the station manager, "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

A Legacy of Laughs

The WKRP Turkey Drop has since become a cultural reference point, symbolizing well-intentioned plans that spectacularly fail. Every year, fans of the show reminisce about the episode, sharing laughs and often rewatching the iconic scene. The episode's longevity and continued popularity highlight the enduring appeal of classic sitcom humor and the way it can capture the public's imagination.

Celebratory Illustration

In honor of this anniversary, an artist has created a vibrant and whimsical depiction of the Turkey Drop, capturing the lighthearted spirit of the event. The illustration shows a bustling city street with a vintage WKRP radio van parked at the side. Above, turkeys humorously parachute down from the sky, to the surprise and delight of onlookers. The cartoonish style of the image reflects the absurdity of the event and transports viewers back to the late 1970s, the era when the episode first aired.

Reflecting on Thanksgiving Traditions

While the WKRP Turkey Drop never actually happened, it serves as a humorous reminder of the unexpected twists that can occur during holiday celebrations. As families across the country gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, the 45th anniversary of this fictional event brings a smile and a light-hearted moment to the holiday season.

For many, the WKRP Turkey Drop will remain a beloved and amusing piece of television history, a testament to the power of comedy to create lasting memories. As Thanksgiving approaches, the spirit of the WKRP Turkey Drop lives on, reminding us to find humor and joy in the midst of the holiday season's surprises. 

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