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Original Resorts releases an official statement on the future of it's Dominican Republic properties

Original Resorts releases an official statement on the future of it's Dominican Republic properties.

The recent rumors circulating on social media about the future of Temptation and Desire resorts in Miches, Dominican Republic have caused a great deal of speculation and uncertainty among travelers and resort enthusiasts alike. In response to these rumors, we reached out to Original Resorts, the owner of both Temptation and Desire properties, for an official statement. In an official statement, Original Resorts has confirmed that the rumors regarding the closure, rebranding, or sale of Temptation and Desire resorts in Miches, Dominican Republic are......   We will just let you read the statement.

Original Resorts official statement 

"Original Group will leave the the Miches Resorts, last day of operation will be January 15th"

As you know, our properties in Mexico are more than consolidated, and continue to grow. What better example than The Eden, our new section at Desire Riviera Maya Resort, opening in 2024, which will be adding seductive facilities and rooms to our already beloved resort.

The success of our accomplishments so far is irrefutable proof that the depth of our commitment to both our brands and to providing the best experiences to our clients, goes beyond what you could possibly imagine, which is why our hearts are heavy today.

After years of putting all our talent, energy, and faith in the development of our two new resorts in the Dominican Republic, our Miches endeavor has come to an end.

January 15th, 2024, will be the last day that our Desire and Temptation brands and concepts will be attached to Miches, Dominican Republic. Effective January 16th, the only resorts operated by Original Group will be Temptation Cancun Resort, Desire Riviera Maya Resort, and Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort.

Despite giving our best, things didn't turn out as we had expected; however, we feel proud of everything that we achieved and learned from the experience.

We look forward to welcoming you at our resorts in Mexico, where we will continue to go beyond your expectations.

Important: please note that the two resorts in Miches will continue operations under a new name and a new concept that will not be related to us in any way.

Please follow up with our mutual clients with the following options:

1.- Cancel the reservation & reimburse

2.- Cancel the current reservation & re-book at Temptation Cancun, Desire Riviera Maya Resort or Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort subject to availability and with the current net rate applicable at these hotels, a $150.00 USD Resort Credit per room will apply for these new reservations, minimum stay of 3 nights is required to get the resort credit.


Original Group

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