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lisbon Portugal

LISBON, PORTUGAL - The City of Seven Hills

Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of portugal. It is also one of the oldest and most charming cities in the world!  

Lisbon is one of the oldest, most charming cities in the world, featuring the energizing pace and exquisite culture of large cities on a smaller, more intimate scale. With its magnificent harbor and
rich Romanesque, Gothic and postmodern architecture, crisscrossed by monument-studded boulevards, Lisbon is competing for a place on the grand destination stage. Explore Lisbon and all its splendor while learning why it has been named the “City of Seven Hills”. Don’t miss the Hill of Santa Catarina, Hill of Chagas, Hill of São Roque, Hill of Sant’ Ana, Hill of São Jorge, Hill of Santo André and Hill of São Vicente. By day, discover and unravel the charm of each one of the Seven Hills, while by night, admire the lights and setting sun that melt together over the sea.

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Belém Tower

Belem Tower

Belém Tower officially the Tower of Saint Vincent is a 16th-century fortification located in Lisbon that served both as a fortress and as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon. It was built during the height of the Portuguese Renaissanc.


Jerónimos Monastery


The construction of the monastery and church began on 6 January 1501, and was completed 100 years later. The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is a highly ornate monastery that is situated in the Belem district of western Lisbon. This grand religious building was historically associated with the early sailors as explorers, as it was from here that Vasco da Gama spent his last night before his voyage to the Far East.


Praça do Comércio

Praca do Comercio

The Praça do Comércio is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. Situated near the Tagus river, the square is still commonly known as Terreiro do Paço, because it was the location of the Paços da Ribeira until it was destroyed by the great 1755 Lisbon earthquake.




The Praça Dom Pedro IV is the main central square of Lisbon and the true heart of the city. The Portuguese take pride in their great square with its nauseating stone paving, grand fountains and statue of (supposedly) Dom Pedro IV. Lisbon revolves around Rossio, it is here that the students come to sing, workers to protest and tourists to drink overpriced coffee. Praça Dom Pedro is often referred simply to its much older name of Rossio.

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