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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory - Day 6

The Rock of Gibraltar, a 426 meter high limestone rock rising out of the sea. The rock can be seen for many miles. It is home to the Barbary Apes, a type of tail-less macaque which are the only wild monkeys in Europe.

The towering Rock of Gibraltar is a sure sight to see. Overlooking the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea –1 ,400 feet high–, this strategically located natural fortress controls all naval traffic between
the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Three miles long and only a mile wide, this peninsula attached to the Spanish mainland, juts out into the Strait of Gibraltar, separating continental Europe from North Africa, being within a short distance of only 14 miles. With a rich cultural history and stunning seaside views, Gibraltar has an eclectic blend of British, Spanish and North African influences for a true multi-cultural experience.book now


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journey to the ROCK gaining a local’s perspective on Upper Rock’s beauty. You’ll begin in a Cable Car where you’ll enjoy vistas beyond your wildest imagination. Once up on the Rock, take in the panoramic view of the expansive catchments area and breath-taking Catalan Bay. From there you’ll follow a wooded path to St. Michael’s Cave. Ape's Den is your next stop, where tail-less monkeys, called macaca Sylvanus, are roaming free. Soak in the incredible experience, but keep your possessions close. Next, you’ll move to Princess Caroline’s Battery and the remarkable entrance to the Upper Galleries. This elaborate labyrinth of tunnels inside the Rock includes the famous Siege Tunnels – arguably the most impressive defensive system devised by man. Experience all of Upper Rock and embark on a journey you’ll never forget.




Rock of Gibraltar on an exploration that culminates in The Rock’s incredible WWII tunnels. A local guide will discuss the significance of the garrison as you drive to Europa Point, site of the Trinity Lighthouse. Witness a panorama that includes the African Coast, the Bay of Gibraltar, and the very point where the blues of the Atlantic meet those of the Mediterranean in stunning fashion. From here, you’ll journey to the Nature Reserve, where you’ll likely run into the famed Rock Apes, which roam freely in the sanctuary. Upon reaching “Hays Level”, meet up with an expert guide who’ll lead your exploration into the WWII tunnels. This remarkable feat spans approximately 34 miles and was a veritable underground city that could house 16,000 people. You’ll visit key areas including the hospital and barracks. After the tour, enjoy duty-free shopping at the Town Centre.



monkey rock

Venture into the volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park and instantly be struck by the unearthly silence of this lifeless territory. Your day begins with a fun-filled camel ride, after which, you’ll journey to the land of the Fire Mountains, where thermal forces still bubble just below the earth’s crust. Set off on a Volcano Tour that features a recorded message from a Priest of Yaiza who lived through a violent eruption ages ago. Marvel at the stark beauty of the park’s mighty volcanic craters and the unique fauna that’s sprung up over this rugged terrain. You’ll also venture to Los Hervideros, a tiny inlet where raging surf thunders into jagged sea cliffs formed by ancient lava flows. On your way back to the ship, stop amid the vineyards of La Geria for a tasting of Lanzarote wines and toast your day immersed in the sheer might of Mother Nature.

War Torn Gibraltar

war torn

Embark on a fascinating and breathtaking excursion that reveals the many facets of the Rock of Gibraltar. Begin with a cable car ride to the summit where an old gun battlement from WWII will greet you. Marvel at views overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar and the African Coast in the distance. You’ll also meet Gibraltar’s curious residents – The Rock Apes. Keep a close grip on purses and hats as these little creatures are quite adept at thievery. Explore the Great Siege Tunnels and drive past the 13th-century Moorish Castle; continue through Old Town Gibraltar; and venture through underground passages to reach the legendary 100-Ton Gun. The day ends at the Gibraltar Museum. Located on the site of historic Moorish Baths, the museum is a treasure trove of artifacts that help tell the epic tale of The Rock.

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