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Lady Suzanne tells World Exotic Travel how to give the right Holiday Gifts

Lady Suzanne tells World Exotic Travel how to give the right Holiday Gifts
By: Lady Suzanne

Are you a couple with a good sense of humor or just love to prioritize your romance? It can be more fun to give than receive, but if you give the right gift … you will receive. Here are some Christmas gift ideas from your friends at World Exotic Travel that will spruce up your year, your relationship and your play time. Enjoy sexy Christmas gift ideas for couples who want more naughty than nice under their tree; may not wish to open in front of the family.

Do not just go to your local adult store and pick anything off the shelf. You will want just the right gift that is personal, adds to your relationship and play time and is a gift that will keep on giving. Looking for anything from electronic to erotic, automatic to amatory, or eccentric to erogenous…. So what will it be?Toys, lingerie, bondage, lubes, vibrators, condoms, games, and oils all add up to better sex. To check out World Exotic Travels sexy Christmas tips, read more.

Vibrators are the most common but there are so many to choose from. Why a vibrator? Mechanical vibration provides an intensity of stimulation that no personal stimulation can reach. There are some to give her pleasure, some to give him pleasure, and some give you both pleasures at the same time. There are electronic, plug in, hand held, hands free, finger, glass, silicon, wood (no pun), natural feel, one speed, multiple speeds, silent, long, short, inside, outside, anal, clitoral, g-spot, and if you can imagine it; they probably make it. So which one is best for you and your play?

How about dildos? Why use a dildo? Unlike vibrators they do not twist, vibrate or rock and roll, but a dildo will never tire out, will never turn you down and will be as hard or as long as you need. Dildos can be two sided, big, small, rubber, glass, vibrating, g-spot, and you can even have one made of that special man in your life's penis. There are anal dildos for boy on boy play, there are double dildos for girl on girl play, and having one made of his penis is great for long distance play.

Now what about lubricants? Yes lubricants can change your sex life. Many women find that lubrication makes sex more comfortable or enjoyable because it reduces friction and irritation. Lubricant is very personal so be sure you know your play partner(s). You might enjoy boy butter (for anal), hemp oil (real good if you suffer from bedroom anxiety), orgasm balm (for stimulation of the clitoris and nipples) or flavored (for oral pleasures). There are water based lubes, silicone lubes, oil lubes, vegan lubes and cannabis infused lubes. It is best to test a dab on your forearm before placing it on you nether regions.

Some ideas to enhance play before you even get to the play.

  • 1.Cooking together: Cooking can be sexy and an aphrodisiac. Yes there are aphrodisiac cookbooks so while getting sexy, you can prepare sexy things. Find sensual foods, delicious receipts and spice up your kitchen.
  • 2.Massages: A massage can turn something pleasant into something passionate. A massage can be sensual and erotic, or just damn near orgasmic. The best oils for a massage are natural, non-greasy and smooth and a great way to get things started. There are many books and YouTube videos on sensual massage. Check one out and put a massage on your Christmas list.
  • 3.Games: Enhance date night with games. Ever played a sexy game of Jenga? There is an adult version where as you pull out the block it has a sexual task or position for you to try. Only have regular Jenga. Write your own task on the blocks, but remember hide this version from the kids. Dice, there are dice games where you roll and the dice suggest positions and tasks.Have you ever played naked twister? Well I will never un-see many things but it was entertaining.
  • 4.Coloring books: Oh yes hear me out. There are a lot of adult themed coloring books on the market. Coloring is calming but coloring while visualizing sensual and erotic stimulation can lead to more fun under the covers.
  • 5.Picnic: Sexy wine and cheese picnic. Fixing a romantic picnic basket and a sweet place can be romantic, erotic and sensual all in one meal.

Finally, try a life changing trip. Every couple should take an erotic, sensual and romantic vacation. Enjoy secluded beaches, lounge by the pool, walk in the moonlight and dance until dawn. Have your beds made, your meals prepared and your drinks ready. I can still remember our first trip to Hedonism. I was not sure how I would feel so many naked bodies, thinking of course that they were all perfect 10's. All I can add is we had some of the best sex with each other we had ever had and so I am not a 10, many playmates like me as I am. Got a big smile, you will do just fine.

Need ideas of where you can get all of this? Try any of World Exotic Travels wonderful vacations. You can try clothing optional, lifestyle, themed trips, adult-only cruises and resorts all over the world. Now go get ready for your dreamy, stimulating, passionate, and erogenous Christmas.

Lady Suzanne has owned a swingers club in Denver, CO, Authored Single Men in the Lifestyle and How to start a Swingers Club, been a featured speaker at lifestyle conventions across the US such as Naughty in N'awlins, Reno, Chicago, and more and will be one of out host couples on the 2020 Temptation Cruise

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