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Tips for Lifestyle Cruise Virgins for the Best First Cruise

By: Lady Suzanne 3/24/2019

Who doesn't love a cruise? There is something magical about the open sea, cocktails, lounging and doing it with open-minded people. Cruising is different than other vacations and a lifestyle cruise is even more so.How can we help you make your first experience extraordinary?

Here are a few tips from Lady Suzanne:

First, how do I dress? Strange as it seems, these are usually clothing optional and lifestyle friendly, so why so many suitcases?I believe we take more clothes than those on a vanilla cruise. (For first timers vanilla means non-lifestyle people) One is the costumes.Yes lifestyle people love to dress up. We just love our costumes and are ready for fun filled fantasy theme nights.Two are the shoes.Who can wear the same shoes more than once?Three are the toys. Yes we travel with toys.So if this is your first experience or even your 20th, check out the themes, and if inclined to, dress up and get your costumes ready.

During the day you can be either topless or naked at the pool if we are at sea. Please remember when the ship is docked … no nudity outside your cabin or the play rooms.One time a couple decided to play naked on their balcony, they were cited by some people on shore, and they reported it to the ship and the couple was asked to leave the ship.No not do that. The disco is a fun place to show off your sexy lifestyle clothing and wear those sexy shoes.If the ship has a formal night then it is up to you. If you go to the dining room on formal night please respect the night and dress formal.Formal can mean and nice cocktail dress and he has a suit and tie or full black tie with tux and gown.

In the play rooms you will be required to be out of street clothes. One, come in your PJs or lounge clothes. It is awkward for people to be playing, getting naked and see others walking around fully dressed.Since I have already packed so many clothes I pack a sarong for the play room. Easy to pack, takes up no room and is proper for play fun. Two, along with your play clothes remember your shag bag. Not everyone is packing a condom or lube. These things are not always provided in the play room so be prepared. Your shag bag should have the condoms and lube you like. Many have the little miracle pill with them.

For your excursions, they will tell you what to wear. You may need walking shoes, cool weather clothing, or a bathing suit. Remember you must be dressed when exciting the ship!

Second, what do I carry? You will be required to have your ID and passport to get on the ship but do not forget your play cards. We make up a business like cards and that have our name, how we play, and our cabin number. (leave that blank until you are actually in your cabin, ships sometimes move you around.) Since you will meet a lot of people or that is the plan, cards help you remember who they are and help others remember who you are. Not every encounter leads to play but every encounter leads to new friends.

Third, what is there to do? Do not try to do everything. There is an endless amount of entertainment both provided by the ship and lifestyle entertainment provided by our production people. Pick the things that either peak your interest or peak your sense of adventure. Try something new, but always allow a little time for each other and stay in communication with how you are feeling.If you do not pace yourself, remember there are over 2000 people on the ship, you will be a train wreck.

Use the daily Compass to plan your day. The Compass will be provided each night by your room steward and you can see what is on the agenda for the next day. So many activities but remember to leave time for meeting and greeting. (bring those play cards)

Lastly find new friends. You may have come with a group of friend's and this is a great vacation for sharing that friendship but do not have the same "entree'" every night. Cruising with lifestyle people is a smorgasbord of delight, so many ways to play so many new experiences. Diversity is the key on a lifestyle cruise. Soak up unforgettable experiences on this ultimate journey to discover your sexuality.

Author: Lady Suzanne has owned a swingers club in Denver, CO, Authored Single Men in the Lifestyle and How to start a Swingers Club, been a featured speaker at lifestyle conventions across the US such as Naughty in N'awlins, Reno, Chicago, and more and will be one of our host couples on the 2020 Temptation Cruise. 

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