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Which Adult Travel Alternatives are right for me? Hedo II

There are several options to choose from. Which is right for you depends on your goals. Are you a relative newbie wanting to dip your toe in the water? An experienced swinger looking for a party venue? A nudist? Do you want to visit exotic and historic locations?

This blog is about one of the most popular adult destinations:

Located in Negril, Jamaica, Hedo II is probably the most well-known adult resort in the world. Established in 1976, Hedo is an all-inclusive resort that is all about fun. It has a nude side and a clothing optional side. Both include heated pools, but the activities are far different for each. 

What is all-inclusive?

That includes food, drinks, non-motorized watersports and entertainment. Does not include gift shop, massages, etc. It also includes tips. Staff cannot accept tips, but off-property service providers such as transportation rely on tips to earn a living.

Nude and Clothing Optional

If you are experienced and adventurous, the nude side is for you. You not only can be nude, you are required to be nude. The entertainment and games are fun and risqué, and designed to help you get to know your fellow hedonists. Sexual activity may be anywhere poolside. There is a swim-up bar with a good selection of alcohol and generous (and attractive) bar tenders. Finger food is also available nearby.

Not ready to dive into that level of debauchery? Try the clothing optional side for your first trip. You are allowed to wear swimwear and there is no overt sexual activity. You can be nude in the clothing optional side as well. You are free to go to the nude side any time, as long as your remove your clothes.

Both sides have been recently renovated and are tastefully decorated. The food is good, and plentiful. The nighttime entertainment is first rate and the staff and other guests are friendly.

Body Image

Afraid you won't fit in? You're not alone. Many of us struggle with body image concerns when considering an adult, nude or clothing optional destination for the first time. Relax. Guests are comprised of all age groups, body types and experience. Depending on when you go (more on that later), you will find people just like you. It's amazing how open and friendly people are when we're all naked.


Hedo II has a unique culture. They are hosts to various groups that attend regularly at different times of the year. Each group has its own personality- some are wild partiers, some are more laid back and relaxed. You can pick the group that you feel most comfortable with.

Experienced Partiers – January is the time for hard-core partying. Check out Lifestyle Month https://worldexotictravel.com/lifestyle-month-at-hedonism-ii if you want to meet people who know why they are there.

A little more laid back? – Try Zoo Krew in April https://worldexotictravel.com/groups/zoo-krew-spring-trip or September https://worldexotictravel.com/group-trips/zoo-krew-fall. This is a friendly group. Champagne Club https://worldexotictravel.com/group-trips/champagne-fantasy-week-2021 is another relaxed group.

There are many specialty groups based on age and interests. Check them all out here. https://worldexotictravel.com/hedonism-ii-resort/hedonism-ii-groups

Glow Night

Fetish Night

Sexy Schoolgirl Night

Can I have sex with anyone?

Sure. As long as you ask first and they say yes. As at any adult event, always ask permission before touching. And no always means no. So does 'not now', 'maybe later', etc. Don't try to change people's minds. Not everyone at Hedo is in the lifestyle. Don't be obnoxious. Don't be an asshole.

Can I smoke pot at Hedo?

Hedo actually has a pot shop – Hedo Wedo –where you can buy smoke, edibles and accessories. Be respectful of those around you. Also, only buy what you can consume during your stay. Never take it home with you. There is a tradition of leaving pot in the room safe for the next guest.

What about threesomes?

Most Hedo II guests are couples. There are occasional single men and women. And you can bring your own single to share your room. Remember, once they are booked into your room, you can't get rid of them. Make sure you invite people who you know you can get along with for a week. Don't invite the cutie that you just met and think would be fun. Sharing a room with some people can turn into a nightmare.

Have more questions about Hedo II or want to book your trip? Give us a call at 833-243-8938 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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