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Want to Sit on My Face? 6 Reasons She Might Say No

Asking a girl, "Want to sit on my face?" may not be the best way to ask her to engage in some sexy time. Here are 6 reasons why she might turn it down.

Do you find yourself repeatedly asking your girl if she wants to have some sexy sitting time on your face, only to be met with bored or embarrassed nos? Reasonably, this may leave you beyond puzzled. After all, oral sex is an absolute gift to women everywhere. Not only is it a form of sex without the risk of getting pregnant, but for some women, it's the only way they can climax. In fact, many women simply can't orgasm from traditional intercourse alone.

If you're unfamiliar with the practice, we're here to enlighten you. Face sitting is a form of oral sex where the woman squats over her partner's face and allows him to pleasure her orally. This can be done in cowgirl or reverse cowgirl positions for optimal reach. Face sitting can also be done while he is sitting on the floor and you're squatting over him. Comfortable, right? Nothing like doing a wall sit while getting some oral lovin'. *Can anyone say sarcasm?*

Looking to know why she shoots down the idea of sitting on your face? Here are 6 good reasons to keep in mind.

#1 It's uncomfortable. Sitting on a man's face can be highly uncomfortable. Either you're sitting directly down on his face trying not to suffocate him, or you're squatting above him like you've missed your last 10 reps at the gym. There is no relaxation involved in sitting on a man's face, which can make it very difficult for women to orgasm in this position.
Let's say your lover wants to perform oral sex on you, but insists that you're standing while she blows you. Sure, it's still good, but not as good as it would feel if you were lying back on comfortable sheets and big fluffy pillows without a care in the world. Much the same way for girls, why bother feeling uncomfortable on a man's face
when you could lie back, relax, and enjoy?

#2 She's too shy. When you ask your partner to "sit on my face," she may see this as your wanting her to dominate you. First, let's be real, some girls just aren't into that. A lot of women are uncomfortable in the domineering role in the bedroom and would much rather you "take her" than exercise control over you. Sometimes, it just comes down to preference!

#3 She doesn't know how to do it. It may not be that your girl doesn't *want* to do it, it may just be that she doesn't know *how* to do it! Many girls are unclear about the methods used to pleasure herself while riding your face. For example, is she really supposed to *ride* it, or just hover there while you lick? The truth is that it's different for every girl. Some use it as a different position for oral sex, while others grind their partner's face in tandem with his tongue tickling her naughty bits. Experiment, and find what you like!

#4 Smells… and stuff. Some women, just like with regular oral sex, have a huge problem with letting their lover put his face down south. After all, that is where you pee. *Hey, we're all adults!* She may simply be uncomfortable or embarrassed by any potential smells you may encounter. That being said, it's totally normal! If she is uncomfortable with tastes and smells that you might have to endure, encourage her to take a warm bath before the deed. If she's not into it even after you've assured her that she tastes amazing, it's probably time to stop asking.

#5 Her bum is like… right there. Remember what we said about smells? When she's sitting on your face, her butt is like… right there. Yes, we know, we know, it's right there when you're licking us missionary position, too, but we forgive that because it's not sticking up there just waiting to be noticed.
Men can rave all they like about how much they love being near a girl's bum, but some girls just don't like to think about your close proximity to it, especially not while she's trying to cum.

#6 Suffocation is so not sexy. If a girl has ever sat on a guy's face before, at one point or another, she's probably had the request from her partner to ease up so he can, you know, breathe. Since girls generally like keeping their partners alive and healthy, this makes sitting on your face an especially freaky position. What's going to happen when her legs give out, or when she starts to orgasm? They're all just scary thoughts.

#7 Too much concentration. As previously mentioned, sometimes it's just too hard to orgasm in this position. Constant thoughts about the aforementioned suffocation, holding yourself up properly, worrying about body odor, bum distance, or whether he's looking up at your belly are all just uncomfortable thoughts that a girl would rather not have while she's trying to get her rocks off.

Maybe you thought that asking her to just "sit on my face" is your way of being nice and trying to spice things up. But unfortunately, there's just no changing some girls' minds. That being said, there are many avenues of pleasure that will get her feeling hot and naughty that are definitely worth the effort.

SOURCE:lovepanky.com/ MINOT LITTLE

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