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2025 Lifestyle Month at Hedonism IIlifestylemonth

“Always A Sell Out” these weeks typically sells out six months before travel.

"Lifestyle Month at Hedonism II" is an event steeped in the unique history and culture of Hedonism II, a renowned adult-only resort located in Negril, Jamaica. The resort itself has a rich history as a destination for those seeking a liberated, clothing-optional, and lifestyle-friendly vacation experience. Here's a brief overview of the history:

  1. Foundation of Hedonism Resorts: Hedonism II was established in the 1970s as part of the Super Clubs collection of hotels and resorts. It was designed to be a haven for adults seeking a carefree, uninhibited vacation experience, a concept that was relatively novel at the time.
  2. Evolution of the Concept: Over the years, Hedonism II has evolved to cater to a diverse range of adults, including those in the lifestyle (swingers) community, nudists, and others seeking an open-minded, sexually liberated environment. This evolution has been in response to changing societal attitudes towards sexuality and adult entertainment.
  3. Lifestyle Month Concept: The concept of a "Lifestyle Month" at Hedonism II emerged as a way to cater specifically to the lifestyle community. This event typically involves a series of weeks, each with its own themes and activities designed to appeal to couples and singles interested in the swinging lifestyle. The exact origins of "Lifestyle Month" were the creation of Lifestyle Tours and Travel, a company that our very own Sandy Jones and Gary Booth once worked for. After the company closed, Sandy was able to carry the contract with her to two other travel companies and then eventually to World Exotic Travel.
  4. Growing Popularity: Over the years, Lifestyle Month at Hedonism II has gained popularity, drawing guests from all over the world. The event typically features themed nights, parties, workshops, and activities that encourage openness, exploration, and connection among guests.
  5. Impact on Resort Culture: The Lifestyle Month has had a significant impact on the culture of Hedonism II, reinforcing its reputation as a destination that promotes sexual freedom and exploration in a safe, consensual environment. It has helped the resort stand out in a competitive tourism market and has created a loyal customer base.
  6. Modern Times: Today, Lifestyle Month continues to be an important part of Hedonism II's offerings. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm by regular visitors and newcomers alike, contributing to the resort's ongoing popularity and its status as a unique destination in the Caribbean.

While Hedonism II is a significant figure in the lifestyle community, it also respects the privacy and choices of its guests, ensuring that all activities are consensual and cater to the comfort levels of all participants. The resort's history and the specific events like Lifestyle Month reflect a broader cultural trend towards acceptance and celebration of diverse adult sexual preferences and lifestyles.

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Lifestyle Month 2025

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