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Sexy Silver Week At Hedonism II

Toll Free: 1-833-2-GET-WET (833-243-8938)

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Sexy Silver Week at Hedonism II  May 2th - 9th, 2020

Sexy Silver group is designed for mature couples 45 and older

World Exotic Travel brings you a group week for couples 45 and older who enjoy interacting with others the same age.  You will enjoy all Hedonism II has to offer: unlimited dining and drinks, nude or prude pools options, land or sea activities, dancing and night time entertainment, but most off all like minded couples to meet and have fun with. Just because you're mature dosen't mean you can't play.


Classic Rooms & Rates: 
  • GVR: Garden View Regular ~ $2758/couple ($197 pp/pn)
  • GVN: Garden View Nude ~ $3066/couple ($219 pp/pn)
  • OVR: Ocean View Regular ~ $3248/couple ($232 pp/pn)
  • OVN: Ocean View Nude ~ $3500/couple ($250 pp/pn)
  • NBJ: Nude Beach Jacuzzi ~ $4270/couple ($305 pp/pn)


Premium Suites & Rates: 
  • OVRP: Ocean View Regular Premium ~ $4032/couple ($288 pp/pn)
  • OVNU: Ocean View Nude Upgraded ~ $4298/couple ($307 pp/pn)
  • OVNP: Ocean View Nude Premium ~ $4550/couple ($325 pp/pn)
  • GNJP: Garden Nude Jacuzzi Premium ~ $5208/couple ($372 pp/pn)
  • NBJP: Nude Beach Jacuzzi Premium ~ $5572/couple ($398 pp/pn)


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