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Hot Wife Week at Hedonism II: January 25th–February 1st, 2025 hotwifeweek poster

Hot Wife Week promises an exhilarating and sensuous experience for adventurous couples.

Set in the picturesque, sun-drenched shores of Negril, Jamaica, this exclusive event is designed for those who embrace a liberated lifestyle and seek to explore their desires in a safe, luxurious, and lively environment.

The week-long event will be highlighted by the much-anticipated "Hottest Ms. Contest," where charisma, confidence, and allure take center stage. This contest isn't just about physical beauty; it's a celebration of empowerment, self-expression, and the unique qualities that make each participant stand out.

Throughout the week, couples can indulge in a variety of activities tailored to enhance connection, excitement, and exploration. From themed parties and intimate workshops to relaxing beachside activities and gourmet dining, every aspect is crafted to create an unforgettable experience. The resort's world-class amenities, including lavish rooms, private pools, and a variety of dining options, complement the event's exclusive nature.

Whether you're there to participate in the contest or to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, "Hot Wife Week" at Hedonism II offers a chance to break free from the mundane, connect deeply with your partner, and be part of a like-minded community that celebrates freedom, love, and sensuality. It's an invitation to experience the epitome of pleasure and excitement in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

All pricing is per person / night based on double occupancy Single Guarantee rate 150% of the per-person rate, exception NBJP
In order to qualify you must book a min of (5) Five Nights Between the group dates

Rooms Price Per Person
Garden View Clothing Optional $310.00
Ocean View  Clothing Optional $320.00
Garden View Nude Spa $320.00
Prude Beach Jacuzzi $425.00
Ocean View Reg Premium $410.00
Prude Beach Jacuzzi Premium $510.00
Garden View Nude $340.00
Ocean View Nude $370.00
Nude Beach Jacuzzi $475.00
Ocean View Nude Upgrade $460.00
Garden View Nude Premium $410.00
Ocean View Nude Premium $460.00
Garden Nude Jacuzzi Premium $510.00
Nude Breach Jacuzzi Premium $560.00

Did you know if you booked 12 nights in the same calendar year you will get $700 in hedo bucks good for extra nights, spa, wine bar or giftshop!


"Electrify Your Senses: A Night with DJ Cheetah and Angel at Hedonism II"

Prepare to immerse yourself in a night of ecstatic rhythms and mesmerizing beats at Hedonism II, as we proudly present "Electrify Your Senses," featuring the unparalleled talents of DJ Cheetah and Angel. This event is set to transform the vibrant and sensual atmosphere of Hedonism II into an electrifying party paradise.

DJ Cheetah, known for his dynamic and pulsating mixes, will take you on an auditory journey like no other. His skillful blending of genres and beats creates an energetic vibe that is contagious, ensuring every beat resonates with your soul. Prepare to dance under the stars as DJ Cheetah spins a web of sonic magic, weaving together tracks that range from deep house to electrifying techno.

Joining DJ Cheetah is Angel, a master of ambiance with a unique flair for creating an immersive experience. Angel's sets are more than just music; they're a journey through soundscapes that tantalize the senses and elevate the spirit. With a keen sense for reading the crowd, Angel delivers a mix of melodies and rhythms that perfectly complements the exhilarating atmosphere of Hedonism II.

The venue, Hedonism II, offers the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable night. Known for its luxurious setting and liberating ethos, Hedonism II is a place where fantasies come to life, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The party will be set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, with the Caribbean breeze and starlit sky adding to the ambiance.

This event isn't just a party; it's a celebration of life, music, and freedom. Whether you're a regular at Hedonism II or a first-time visitor, "Electrify Your Senses" promises a night of unforgettable memories, where the music, the people, and the setting come together in perfect harmony. Come join us for a night where you can let loose, feel the music in your bones, and be part of a vibrant community that knows how to party in style.

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