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Red Carpet Cruise May 2020
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Desire "Red Carpet" Cruise May. 19th - 26th, 2020


Desire Red Carpet Cruise sale

Desire Cruises will be rolling out the Red Carpet for the hottest cruise to have sailed the French Riviera. Lose yourself at sea aboard this clothing-optional, couples-only, sensual sanctuary at sea, where you and your partner can redefine the meaning of passion and enjoy adventures beyond seduction.

In May 2020, departing from Nice, France, and culminating in Barcelona, Spain, this moving couples paradise offers a luxurious cruise program conceived to seduce the senses by providing exclusive amenities, including; the Premium Beverage Package, gourmet dining, first-class staterooms, provocative entertainment, and even features an erotic playroom, staying true to our collection’s unique atmosphere.

Enjoy streets full of colorful buildings, palm-lined boulevards, and a spectacular harbor of turquoise blue, known as the “Queen of the French Riviera”. You and your couple will feel the need to pinch yourselves, as Nice is just that nice.

In Cannes it is all about celebrities & socialites, as you never know who might drive by. You will have the chance to experience the most important film festival of the year in the most charming port of the French Riviera.

If you crave the circuits and the need for speed, feel the adrenaline as you witness one of the most thrilling races of all time. Watch as it covers laps around the city with pure excitement around every curve.

Then you will sail on to the world-famous cinematic hotspot of Villefranche. This behind the scenes resort town, has been used as the backdrop for several highly acclaimed motion pictures.

This exotic journey, based on couple’s chemistry and elusive electricity, will be shrouded in mystery, as you discover the all-new SENSUAL WAY TO SAIL AWAY!

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1 May. 19th, 2020 Nice, France
2 May. 20th, 2020 Cannes, France
3 May. 21st, 2020 Cannes, France
4 May. 22nd, 2020 Cannes, France
5 May. 23th, 2020 Villefranche, France
6 May. 24th, 2020 Villefranche, France
7 May. 25th, 2020 Sea Day
8 May. 26th, 2020 Barcelona, Spain


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Nice, France

Nice France

Nice, France - Day 1 “NICE LA BELLE”

With streets full of colorful buildings, palm-lined boulevards, and a harbor of turquoise blue, you may feel like you’ve somehow stepped into a living painting when you arrive in Nice. And in fact, the clear air and soft light of the city has inspired some of the artistic greats like Chagall and Matisee—both of whom have museums dedicated to their works here. But no need to pinch yourself, Nice is just that nice. Often called “the Queen of the Riviera”, the epitome of Nice’s famous joie de vivre can be found in full swing on the Promenade des Anglais. H If your feet need a break, hop on one of the numerous Velo Bleu bikes available and enjoy the feeling of the warm sea breeze fluttering through your hair. Head for the heart of the city to the picturesque Place Rosetti to visit the cathédrale Saine-Réparate and the world-famous Fennochios’s ice cream and sorbet shop. After dark, the square becomes an open air-dance club complete with dramatic lighting that casts a magical glow on the ancient cobblestones

Cannes, France



Lights, camera, Cannes! Perhaps best known for the eponymous film festival that happens ever year, this charming port has plenty more to see than just celebrities and socialites. (Though, keep your eyes peeled because you never know who might be driving those Ferraris and Maseratis!) To see more of this seaside paradise, head to Le Suquet (the old town) to traverse winding cobblestone streets and zigzagging staircases. Gourmands will want to head for rue Meynardiers for shops carrying delicacies like creamy Brie and colorful macarons. The street also leads to Marché Forville, a covered market, where you’ll find local fig jam, charcuterie, and fresh flowers to tempt your senses.

Villefranche, France


Day 5 - 6 |Villefranche, France

Though its name may not be familiar, there’s a good chance you’ll recognize much of Villefranche while walking its beachfront and twisting, cobblestone streets. That’s because it’s been a cinematic hot spot for years, and movies such as To Catch a Thief, An Affair to Remember, and Never Say Never Again have all been shot here. Behind the scenes, though, this resort town—located 20 minutes west of Nice—is considered one of the French Riviera’s most exclusive spots. (It’s also one of Europe’s most sought-after residential areas, but not to worry: When you’re on a Desire Cruise, your very own boutique hotel travels with you.)

Barcelona, Spain

barcelona spain

Day 8 | Barcelona, Spain

A COSMOPOLITAN MASTERPIECE Barcelona is a cosmopolitan masterpiece. With a history rich in art and architecture, medieval, Gothic, and modern influences can be seen all over the city. Start at the waterfront and stroll up the shady, tree-lined Las Ramblas boulevard and discover some of the city’s best shopping and bustling cafes.

Red Carpet Cruise Beverages

premium beverage 360x360

Premium Beverages Included

The Premium Beverage Package is included on your Desire Red Carpet voyage. This inclusive amenity gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite cocktail or celebratory drink without having to pay extra.

Red Carpet Signature Spots

provocative enter 360x360

Desire Cruise Signature Spots

Discover exclusive, designated spaces that stay true to our Collection’s concept, such as: A Clothing-Optional Pool area, Signature Playroom & Private Jacuzzi Lounge, aboard the Desire Red Carpet Cruise.

Red Carpet Cruise Dining

gourmet dining 360x360

The Sensual Side to Dining

Desire Cruises offers a choice of four distinctive dining options included in your cruise package, plus room service, and proudly features two specialty restaurants Prime C and Aqualina for a minimum cover.
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